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Gepostet von ungewoenlich am 21. August 2004 im Fach Englisch.  5th Avenue   1. The 5th Avenue is a famous street with the most social opposites. 2. In German she is called “Fünfte Längsstraße” 3. The 5th Avenue is situated in Manhattan, New York. 4. The street separate Manhattan in a ost- and a westhalf. 5. Exact the street is situadet next to the Central Park in the north up to     Washington Square Park in the south. 6. In the 5th Avenue there are a lot of shopping stores for example Tiffany,     Gucci, Valentina and Cartier. 7. There is the Plaza Hotel. (show on the map) 8. The Plaza Hotel is a very luxurious Hotel. 9. There is also the Guggenheim Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art,      the St. Thomas Church, the Museum of Modern Art,  St. Patrick`s     ...

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