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Gepostet von Sunflower1608 am 10. März 2005 im Fach Englisch.

Reading Diary         Bend it like Beckham Narinder Dhami     Jesminder Bhamra, called Jess for short, lives in Southall, London, a part of the town where many families of Indian origin reside. Her parents want her to be a nice, conventional Indian girl. They hope that she will go to law school, learn to cook the traditional Indian dishes and finally get married to a nice young Indian man. But Jess has other plans. She wants to play football like her hero, David Beckham. When she gets talent- spotted by Jules, she grabs the chance eto join the Hounslow Harriers, the local women’s team. now she just has to keep it a secret of her family, which proves to be not exactly easy.           By Jasmin Presber FOS 08A 2.2 English, Mrs. Müller Chapter 1...

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