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Auszug von Bob Marley

Gepostet von hm am 1. März 2004 im Fach Englisch.

My paper Part 1 Bob Marley     I present my paper about Bob Marley alias Robert Nesta Marley was born at 2ed February 1945 at half past two in the morning, in Jamaica – in this grandfathers house. A few month later his parents were divorced. He was living to this mums house, but Roberts dad visited him. Later Robert went with his mum to Trenchtown. Robert met here often his new friend Neville Livingstone. Later when they are learning to sing, the two young boys met Peter Macintosh. The teacher from the boys was Joe Higgs. Robert was 16 years old, so he begins to make music. A new band was born – the Wailing Wailers. At 10th February 1966 he married his teenage friend Rita Anderson. The next year he went home to Jamaica/ Kingstown. The next big surprise Robert is father. His first son is called...

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