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Gepostet von hm am 5. März 2004 im Fach Englisch.

Conditional sentences   There are three types of conditional sentences which consist of a subordinate clause with if and a main clause. The subordinate clause is unsally introtuced by if (=wenn/falls). We can also use the conjunctions unless (=wenn nicht, außer wenn), in case (=falls, wenn, für den Fall), as long (=solange, sofern), suppose/supposing (= angenommen).   Don´t use would in the if-clause   Conditional sentence 1   A conditional sentence of type 1 refers to the future or the present. In the if-clause, we normally use the simple present, and in the main clause we use the will-future or a modal auxiliary + infintive. When we use the simple present in the if-clause, we express areal or a open condition: we see it as possible that the condition will be fulfilled. Or we can refer to...

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