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Auszug von english asylrecht

Gepostet von ILAS am 14. Dezember 2013 im Fach Englisch.

In general
In accordance with Article 16a of the Basic Law (GG)of Germany, politically persecuted persons can be granted asylum in Germany.
Persecution is if it causes specific violations of rights to the individual: – political opinion -the religion
General emergency situations such as poverty, civil wars and natural disasters are not a reason for granted asylum.
Working in Germany
Anyone who wishes to work in Germany as an economic migrant needs a residence permit for migrant workers.
There are special procedures and conditions that ease the process of immigration for highly-qualified professionals, academics and the self-employed.
Studying in Germany
There are certain conditions to be observed for non-EU citizens wishing to study in Germany: -having good language skills; -need a visa to enter the...

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