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Auszug von Finnland

Gepostet von Lilu1987 am 10. Mai 2009 im Fach Englisch.

Finland is a state in North-Europe and of course parts of the European Union. It borders on Sweden, Norway, Russia and the Baltic Sea. Finland is only a bit smaller than Germany, but with only 5.3 Million citizens it belongs to the sparsely inhabited countries in Europe. A big part of the population concentrates on the south of Finland with its capital Helsinki. The official local languages are finnish and Swedish. 92% of the population speaks Finish and only 6% Swedish.
The area of Finland, which is sparsely inhabited since thousands of years, joined the historic time with their integration to the Swedish empire, started in the 12th century. For many years they stayed an integral part of Sweden, until it was assigned to Russia in 1809, under this control Finland became a nation. 1917 the land...

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