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Auszug von Freedom of Speech

Gepostet von Fighterin86 am 7. Oktober 2005 im Fach Englisch.

The freedom of Speech   It often happens that radical right- wing groups “march” through cities and chant their slogans; only seldom this happens without riots. Although the proper authorities know about this fact, they allow theses demonstrations of violence and terror again and again – but why? Because the right- wing extremists can refer to one of their fundamental rights – the freedom of speech! However, it’s not allowed to say everything you want in Germany because there are limits set through the law. The German constitution says that you aren’t allowed to touch the personal dignity of other people and that the youth shouldn’t be exposed. In contrast to that limitation you are allowed to say everything you want in the USA. This right is also – as it is in Germany – established...

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