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Gepostet von Fighterin86 am 21. Oktober 2005 im Fach Englisch.

The home of the future or: How much technology is good for us? Discuss!   Some weeks ago a special space shuttle explored a planet in the universe and made pictures and collected facts about it like the temperature. But what can we use these facts for? Is it really necessary for us to know what the temperature on Mars or another planet is? Do we have to develop our technology so far that we can explore everything and have explanations for everything? Can we take the responsibility if we play “God”? These are some questions, which came to my mind, when I heard about that space travel research. Of course a development in technology makes our life easier and more comfortable as it is shown by the microwave. Because of this invention it is possible for us to “cook” food in a short time so that we...

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