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Auszug von Jennifer Love Hewitt

Gepostet von hm am 16. Juli 2005 im Fach Englisch.

Jennifer Love Hewitt   I want to tell you a little bit about Jennifer Love Hewitt. She was born on 21.02.1977 in Waco/ Texas. Her nationality is American. Her mother, Pat Hewitt, was Italian and her father, Danny Hewitt, German. The name of her brother is Todd Hewitt. Jennifers nickname is Love. Love is 1.60 meters tall. She has brown hair and brown eyes. Her sign of zodiac is fish. She has two cats, they names are “Don Juan De Marco” and “Haylie”. Love´s hobbies are writing poems and music. Her occupation is acting and singing. Other talents are dancing, playing golf, ice-skating, playing piano, skating, singing and playing the violin. Love´s favourite food is pizza, cheesburger and chocolate. Her favourite drinks are cola and pepsi. And her favourite actor is Johnny Depp.   Love took jazz dance...

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