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Gepostet von utee66 am 20. April 2013 im Fach Englisch.

New York
The city of dreams
In my GFS I want to concentrate on New York City. I think the most interesting things about New York City are some things like the films which were turned there and the sights. I also want to touch on the September 11th, 2001.
As an introduction to the sights I want to present the song “Empire state of mind part 2” from Alica Keys because this song is about New York and the sights of New York. The class has to hear out some sights like the Brooklyn Bridge or Avenue,…
I chose this topic because New York is a very famous city and my dream is to be there once.
1 General Facts:
New York is not just a city, it´s also a state1. The capital of the state is not New York City, it´s Albany. But in my GFS I want to concentrate on New York City.
New York...

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