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Gepostet von Klaus1990 am 19. Dezember 2010 im Fach Englisch.

In our opinion Olive´s attitude to her identity is mainly affected by her skin color.
The excerpt makes clear that Olive does not simply sees herself as a normal person with an individual identity but rather she concentrates on her skin colour.
While her mother tries to clarify that it is not important if she is black or white but just beeing herself, Olive still insist on her blackness. (l. 28-35)
She goes even so far to claim that people like her are only welcome in this country as long as they are calm and don´t breed. (l. 17-19)
With what she wants to suggest that the frindlineless is only played and she together with her people are not welcome in this country.
Finally it can be said that she concentrates herself too much on her blackness and thus she shut herself off and is not open minded for...

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