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Gepostet von Sir_Leto am 26. Februar 2005 im Fach Englisch.

Louisiana is a state in the south of the USA which belongs to the UNITED STATES of AMERICA since 1861. The state has an area of 134.275 sqare kilometres.
You can put Luisiana into thre areas: The ?FLATLAND?, the COAST, and the MISSISSIPPI River with its many other little rivers.
In 1687 Robert Cavalier went down the mississippi to built a french fort .This was the ?birth? of Louisiana. After some years the capital of Louisiana was New Orleans, but since 1849 the capital is Baton Rouge.
After the civil war and the second world war everything is allright in Louisiana and even black people are now allowed to vote. In our days you cant´t do a many things in Louisiana.
Ofcourse there is the Mississippi river but there aren?t any nacional parks or something like this. The only thing, I think, you can...

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