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Auszug von Referat über Marilyn Monroe

Gepostet von isa0414 am 17. Juli 2005 im Fach Englisch.

Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe was born on the first of June 1926 as Norma Jeane Mortensen in Los Angeles. Her mothers name was Glady Mortensen and her father was unknown, till the end of her life. Norma grew up at foster parents till her 7th Birthday. After her Mother fetched Norma back, she lived at her mother and her best friend Grace MC Knee in Hollywood. Unfortunately Glady suffer often from depression, that´s why she was taken to a psychiatry. In the next years Norma grew up at Grace´s relative, another foster parents and at the orphanage, till she finally came, at the age of 12, to Grace aunt Ana Lower. At the age of 15 Norma met the 5 years older boy James Dougherty. After Ana became ill, Norma had to got back to the orphanage. But he decided marry Norma in June 1942. She broke off school at 16 and...

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