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Gepostet von Frank26 am 12. September 2003 im Fach Englisch.

The British School System Compulsory education in Britain begins at the age of 5 and ends at the age of 16. At first children have to go to primary school, which corresponds to the german Grundschule. Primary school consists of Infant school, for the 5-7 year- old pupils and Junior school, for the 8-11/12 year- olds. The results of primary education should be that pupils are able to read, to write and to calculate without any problems. That’s why these three subjects are the important ones and in which children first of all are mainly taught. Besides, they are taught in art and religion. Religion has to be taught at every school. After Primary school follows Secondary school. Over 90% of the seconders attend a comprehensive school which is comparable with our Gesamtschule. The other 10 % attend a private...

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