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Auszug von Zusammenfassung Across the Barricades

Gepostet von Gentelman89m am 1. Juli 2004 im Fach Englisch.Summary chapters 1 – 5  Two young people, Sadie and Kevin, meet incidentally on the street in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Sadie is a Protestant girl – Kevin a Catholic boy. They used to be quite close friends when they were children, but have not seen much of each other for a few years. They sit for a while in a coffee bar and talk about old days. Afterwards they catch the bus to Cave Hill. While they are waiting for the bus, Sadie’s friend Linda Mullet comes along. She is also a Protestant girl. It takes a little while before she finds out who Kevin is, but when she does, she runs home to spread the news that Sadie is with a Catholic boy. Both Sadie and Kevin know what she is going to tell her family and friends, but they don’t care. At Sadie’s house, the family are waiting for her to...

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